To Dr. John Rimmer, melanoma excision specialist near Boca Raton, Florida, your health to always be his top priority. Skin cancer is always addressed with compassion, the utmost care, backed by years of experience and expertise when it comes to preventing and treating cancer. The doctor and his staff believe that cancer screening and treatment two of the most important services we provide. Drawing from his years of extensive training and experience, Dr, Rimmer can quickly detect any lesions that are cause for concern and he will test any probable cancerous lesions and carefully evaluate them.

If a lesion turns out to be malignant, Dr. Rimmer will provide a personalized treatment plan, dependent on the type of cancer, along with the shape, size and location. Your current health and medical history will also be reviewed to make sure that you are provided with a safe and effective treatment.

A lot of cancerous lesions can be removed by a fairly simple procedure with a scalpel and by choosing Dr. Rimmer, Melanoma excision specialist near Boca Raton, Florida, as your general surgeon you'll know you are in good hands. Since skin cancer usually expands beyond the visible area, additional tissue is also removed. After surgery, the tissue that was taken out is sent to a pathologist for evaluation. If cancerous cells are present in the borders, a second procedure will be necessary.

In some cases, Mohs Micrographic surgery is carried out, predominately for cosmetically sensitive or complicated cancers. Mohs is a specialized treatment in which the cancer is removed a thin layer at a time. Next, each layer is evaluated by the surgeon during the surgery; this way, the doctor knows precisely how much tissue needs to be removed without removing healthy tissue. Mohs usually has a higher cure rate and exceptional cosmetic results.

Trust your health to the experience and expertise of John A.P. Rimmer, M.D., Melanoma excision specialist near Boca Raton, Florida. Call (561) 529-4667 and schedule your appointment today.