Deciding on a top rated general surgeon in the Boca Raton area takes more consideration than choosing a primary caring physician, because the skill sets and considerations are quite a bit different and typically includes a referral from them or other medical professionals. Even with a referral, you'll want to find out more about any prospective general surgeons, reviewing their credentials and then even setting up a consultation with them before you make your decision.

Gaining the status of being a top rated general surgeon in the Boca Raton area means a constant commitment, excellence, above and beyond the norm when it comes to surgical care. Dr. Rimmer is a considered a pioneer when it comes to non-invasive and invasive surgical strategies and along with his staff at his practice in Jupiter, Florida, is committed to discovering ways to perform surgical procedures with minimal pain, significantly less downtime, and unequaled aesthetic results. Dr. Rimmer's practice has a strong focus on breast health care, malignant and benign skin lesions and more.

Choosing a top rated general surgeon in the Boca Raton area is a decision that should combine the surgeon's experience and certification and the way they make you feel after the interview process. It is always recommended that the future patient interview a number of top rated candidates to verify for themselves that they have the knowledge and experience that has earned them the title. You'll also want to ask if the general surgeon has any fellowships, which will signify a much higher degree of specialization.

If you are looking for a top rated general surgeon in the Boca Raton area, consider John A. P. Rimmer M.D., P.A. Dr. Rimmer is Board certified and known for his unmatched expertise in treating several health conditions and for providing a considerate and soothing environment. The doctor and his staff empower their patients with a combination of specialized treatment, education, and more importantly, freedom of choice. Call Dr. Rimmer's office at (561) 748-1242 to set up a consultation and find out why he's the general surgeon of choice in the Boca Raton area.