John A. P. Rimmer M.D. P.A. is a hernia surgery specialist near West Palm Beach, Florida who uses both conventional and Laparoscopic hernia surgical techniques as part of a customized treatment strategy for each individual. The doctor also specializes in abdominal wall reconstruction, management of hernia recurrence or groin pain after a previous repair. Dr. Rimmer's long history as a general surgeon makes it possible for him to enhance the precision and safety all the surgeries he performs which have led to him being considered the top general surgeon in the West Palm Beach area.

About Hernias Hernias start as abnormal holes or openings that form in the abdominal cavities supportive tissues, openings that the bowel or intestines protrude through, although some hernias don't end up causing noticeable symptoms, or restrict the normal function of organs. In some cases, hernias can endanger the blood supply, create obstructions as well as cause severe pain because of the pressure they put on the surrounding tissues.

Hernia repair has come a long way over the years and Dr. Rimmer is a Hernia surgery specialist near West Palm Beach, Florida that is highly skilled in the latest surgical technologies that include Laparoscopic hernia repair. This surgical treatment uses tiny instrumentation and a number of small incisions to repair hernias through the abdomen using a flexible, thin, tube like fiber optic camera; the doctor guides the instruments directly and precisely to the area of the abdomen that requires repair. Using this state of the art camera, the area needing surgery can be seen in great detail. Another significant benefit of Laparoscopic hernia surgery is that the surrounding healthy tissue is much less likely to be impacted and the small incisions can usually be closed using only a couple of stitches. Thanks to Dr. Rimmer's superior, minimally invasive approach, his patients can generally return home just hours after surgery and in a short amount of time can return to normal activities.

Hernia pain can seriously affect quality of life, but they can be remedied with great success. Dr. John Rimmer, the leading hernia surgery specialist near West Palm Beach employs some of the most sophisticated surgical treatments available in the nation to eliminate the health issues and discomfort associated with a hernia. Call (561) 748-1242 for an appointment with Dr. Rimmer and find out for yourself why he's become the hernia surgeon of choice in the West Palm Beach Area.