Choosing a qualified general surgeon is different from the process you're probably used to following when it comes to deciding on a primary care physician because the relationship is different and usually includes a referral from your family physician, etc. That being said, it's still important to take the time to come up with prospective general surgeons, review their credentials and then consult with them before making a final decision. Following are several potential sources for you to consider when it comes to choosing a top rated general surgeon in the West Palm Beach area.

Your Medical Care Professionals

One of the responsibilities of a primary care physician is connecting their patients to a specialist when an injury or illness requires surgery or other specialized treatment. Most health care plans also allow patients to choose their own general surgeons as well. Physical therapists who regularly work with patients after they've had surgery are also great resources for recommendations as are home health care nurses who provide care for patients when necessary following surgery.

Ask Family and Friends For a Referral

If you have friends or family members who have had the same surgery, ask them about their experience with the surgeon. Even with a referral from those close to you, you'll want to consider the doctor's reputation and experience; choosing a top rated general surgeon in the West Palm Beach area is ideal for obvious reasons.

Check the Credentials of Your General Surgeons

A good place to start researching specialist physicians, and confirming the status of their certification is through the American Board of Medical Specialties and it's free to do so. Useful information about a general surgeon's background, license and various other facts are also available through Florida State’s medical board.

Interviewing General Surgeons

Take the time to interview several highly rated candidates to confirm their history and experience. For example, if you're being treated for breast cancer surgery, it only makes sense to ask the general surgeon about his experience in the area and many related procedures they have conducted. Besides confirming their board certification, ask if they have any fellowships, which will indicate a higher degree of specialization. In addition, ask the surgeon about their post operative care and what you can expect as follow up care.

Choosing a top rated general surgeon in the West Palm Beach area should be a decision that's a combination of the surgeon's certification and experience and the way you feel after interviewing the surgeon. If you live in the West Palm Beach area, consider John A. P. Rimmer M.D., P.A. Not only is Dr. Rimmer Board certified, he is also the area's top rated general surgeon who is known for his expertise in dealing with disease of the breast and treating hernia, gallbladders and malignant or benign skin lesions. The doctor and his experienced staff also provide a supportive and calming environment and empower their patients through a combination of education, personalized treatment plans and freedom of choice. Call Dr. Rimmer's office today at (561) 748-1242 for an appointment and find out for yourself while he is the general surgeon of choice in the West Palm Beach area.