Lymphedema relates to swelling that typically develops in the limbs, and while it tends to only affect one of either, in some cases both arms or legs might swell. Lymphedema is typically brought on by an obstruction in the lymphatic system, an essential part of your circulatory and immune systems. This obstruction prevents lymph fluid from draining efficiently, and when the fluid increases the swelling continues. Lymphedema is a chronic disease that will continue to worsen over time if it isn't treated. John A.P. Rimmer, MD is a General and Breast Surgeon specialist who offers state of the art Lymphedema testing in Jupiter, Florida.

Radiation therapy or the surgical removal of lymph nodes (often related to breast cancer) increase the risk of developing lymphedema and an occurrence can show up a few weeks after radiation and/or surgery or as much as 15 to 20 years afterwards. Initially lymphedema typically manifests by a slight swelling and at this early stage elevating the impacted limb can cause it to go down but it will usually begin to swell again. As the lymphedema evolves, the response to elevation diminishes and eventually disappears altogether. Dr. Rimmer's lymphedema testing in Jupiter, Florida can help you avoid the often devastating effects of this condition.

At the moment the most effective and least invasive strategy used to treat lymphedema is Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy which is carried out by a certified therapist. CDP is composed of lymph drainage, bandaging, compression, skin care as well as restorative exercises. This state of the art treatment is administered (after a thorough evaluation) 5 times a week for a duration that is decided on by the seriousness of the lymphedema.

Dr Rimmer's office offers pre-operative lymphedema testing in Jupiter, Florida for their patients that are facing breast cancer surgical procedures. The doctor will meet with you to take baseline measurements before surgery provide you with the instructional resources that will help you reduce your risk of suffering from lymphedema.

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